“Pink and white nails” refers to using two shades of acrylic on the nails to produce a more lasting and natural “French” nail art look. Why are pink and white nail more expensive? The reason is: pink and white people need more skills, they need more work and additional products. Important selling point: “We charge higher fees for pink and white nails because they require a higher level of skill and more time. Natural” pink “acrylic powder use for nail beds, while” white “acrylic powder is used. Used on the tip of the nail. This creates a very powerful and long-lasting French manicure.To prepare a complete set of pink and white nails, the nail bed gently flies so that the product adheres. The classic French tip nail art is suitable for medium-length nails. The nail shape in a round or square shape. Apply white polish to the tip of each nail, then apply pure pink, flesh, or beige to the nail bed.

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